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Every spring we move our clocks one hour ahead and "lose" an hour during the night and each fall we move our clocks back one hour and "gain" an extra hour. But Daylight Saving Time (and not Daylight Savings Time with an "s") wasn't just created to confuse our schedules.

The phrase "Spring forward, fall back" helps people remember how Daylight Saving Time affects their clocks. At 02:00 (2 a.m.) on the second Sunday in March, we set our clocks forward one hour ahead of standard time ("spring forward"). We "fall back" at 02:00 (2 a.m.) on the first Sunday in November by setting our clock back one hour and thus returning to standard time.

 International Time Zone Converter
IN GENERAL, in Canada, in those provinces that observe DST (daylignt saving time):
  • DST begins at 02:00 on the second Sunday in March
  • DST ends at 02:00 on the first Sunday in November
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International Time Zone Time And Zone Notes
Eniwetok (GMT-12)  
Samoa (GMT-11)
Hawaii-Aleutian (GMT-10)No DST in Hawaii
Alaska Standard Time(GMT-9)
Alaska Daylight Time(GMT-8)
Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)
Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7)
Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7)
Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6)Arizona does not participate
Central Standard Time (GMT-6)
Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)
Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)Only parts honor in Indiana
Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4)
Atlantic Daylight Time (GMT-3)
Brazilia (GMT-3)
Mid-Atlantic (GMT-2)
Azores (GMT-1)
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
London (GMT +1)
Paris (GMT +1)
Frankfurt (GMT +1)
Rome (GMT +1)
Israel (GMT +2)
Moscow (GMT +3)
Baku (GMT +4)
New Delhi (GMT +5)
Dhakar (GMT +6)
Bangkok (GMT +7)
Hong Kong (GMT +8)
Tokyo (GMT +9)
Sydney (GMT +10)
Magadan (GMT +11)
Wellington (GMT +12)

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